Experimental Photography


Emulsion Transfer with Fugi Instant Film



Pinhole Cameras





Drawstring Bags with Grommets, Bean Bag Animals, Yo Yo’s, and Mini Books

Sewn Books for Sale, Raising Money to Buy a Sewing Machine

Group Photogram with Fabric and Sewing Projects

Assistant Asia Williams with student’s handmade embellishedT-shirt

Camp for students 10 and up:


10 Week Course for Teens


Come make images inside a camera the size of an entire room! Utilizing the Hyde Park Art Center’s wet photographic darkroom, one of few left standing in the age of the digital, students will learn the basics of making photographic images inside and outside of the darkroom using the sun, handmade cameras and light sensitive papers, xerox machines, and scanners.

10 Week Multi-Media Art Course


Learn how that crazy art stuff is made! We will learn how to make our own paper, paint, and objects using the contemporary art installations throughout the galleries in the Hyde PArk Art Center (and my art practice) as a guide to make multi media installations. We will combine found and handmade materials with casting/moldmaking/bookmaking and brush the surface of simple electronics and optics as well! More information about me and my work can be found at michelleanneharris.com

Found object sculptures, folded paper sculpture and collage, sand dough!, and paper/plaster/resin casting


I am teaching an exciting Mixed Media course at the Hyde Park Art Center. Classes begin March 26th and run through June 4th.

This class will develop student’s creative abilities while using found and handmade materials. We will learn to make our own paint, paper, and clay

while exploring a variety of media including printmaking, book making, paper casting, sculpture, collage and painting.





FEBRUARY 19-20, 2012

Opening Reception: Sunday, Feb 19, 4-8pm
Open Hours: Monday Feb 20, noon-4pm



ACRE Projects
1913 w 17th Street, Chicago 60608

ACCIDENTS OF GRAVITY is an exhibition of prints and sculptures invoking anxieties over trauma and loss, both past and present. On the wall are a series of wax transfer prints based on a photographic series destroyed in a house fire. The prints distort the original works into variations of black and white noise or static suggesting deteriorating vision, fading memories, and absence. The theme of gravity as a force is approached both in the physical sense and in describing the weight of experience. On the floor, an arrangement of objects pairing found and raw elements collected while traveling, sit precariously on top of minimally constructed tables. The materials of wood, porcelain, stainless steel, and coral are repeated as variable elements that present a range of relationships from the intended to the actual function, signifying the roles of observer, collector, and traveler.

MICHELLE ANNE HARRIS, Associate Professor Photography and Art Education (2011). BFA, 2008, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; MFA, 2010 Cranbrook Academy of Art Bloomfield Hills, MI. Exhibitions: Roots and Culture Contemporary Arts Center, Chicago; Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; Buckham Gallery, Flint. Publications: Shots Magazine; Chicago Reader. Bibliography: Hour Detroit, Art Beat; James Madison University Literary and Arts Journal. Collections: Marriot Inc., Sherine Marzouk. Awards: Community Arts Assistance Program Grant, Steketee Scholarship, Ox-Bow Residency Program.

More information about Michelle Anne Harris can be found at www.michelleanneharris.com

Color Theory


Excerpts from Henry Horenstein


Solar Powered Sound Lamp, Permanent Installation, ACRE residency

Installation at Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Center, Chicago IL 10/14-11/13/2011

Kaleidoscope Goggles with Pivoting Arm


During a benefit for Threewalls, the musicians and I, the documentarian, have been hypnotized by Jacob C. Hammes and lead out to perform during a benefit for the gallery. Paul Giallorenzo, Aaron Zarzutzki, Jeff Kimmel, David More, Chris Hefner, and Steve Lacy.

Workshop and artist presentation at the annual education fair at the Art Institute of Chicago

Kaleidocycle template for Hyde Park Art Center booth at the MDW Fair. Featuring the work of Betsy Odom, Kim Piotrowski, and Jeff Carter. Copy image and follow instructions to make your own.

Artist lecture and camera obscura building workshop at Forest Hills Elementary


Terrerium Family Day workshop using recycled CD spindles and found materials for Jef Geys exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

At MOCAD 2010

Cranbrook Institute of Science

Workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in conjunction with "Out of the Woods" exhibition

Kaleidoscope Viewing Post demonstrations at an artist lecture for 3rd grade classes at Brookside Academy

Workshop at the "Clothesline" exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center as a part of Los Cago's Media Box project at InCUBATE. Participants could arrange objects on the scanner bed to be projected and rendered onto post cards which were mailed to random people around the world.

Los Cago Media Box Media was sent between artists in Chicago and Los Angeles. Artists were asked to add to the contents of the box and pass it to another person.

Field Notes Books for Los Cago Media Box

Detail of Media Box contents by Japeth Mennes